Fetal medicine

“Caring for babies even before birth”

We are a one stop solution for all the diagnostic needs of your unborn. We have a formally trained and highly experienced team to perform fetal scans of the highest standards. With state of the art equipments, skilled support staff and caring environment, we are committed to provide you with an enriching experience. Minute detailing backed by informative counselling is what we strive for.

Facilities provided:

1. Enhanced First trimester screening (including pre-eclampsia screen)

Performed between 11- 13.6 weeks of pregnancy. This Scan targets detection of enlarged nuchal translucency (NT), considered as an early marker of multiple disorders such as Down syndrome. This opportunity is also used to screen the baby for early detection of lethal congenital abnormalities.

2. Level 2 Ultrasound/ TIFFA

Level 2 scan is a detailed sonographic examination of fetus for detection of structural abnormalities. It is the most vital scanning, your obstetrician will ask you to undergo around 20 weeks of gestation. We follow all International guidelines for Level 2 scanning.

3. Fetal echocardiogram (Heart evaluation)

This is an advanced ultrasonography of the fetal heart. Hear we perform sequential cardiac examination to detect complex heat diseases . Your doctor may advise fetal echocardiogram in special circumstances to see the detailed anatomy and rhythm of heart.

4. Fetal neurosonogram (Brain evaluation)

This is a dedicated, state-of-the-art imaging of the evolving fetal brain. Detailed neurosongram is a cutting edge technique and its interpretation is often challenging. The team of experts at our centre are proficient in this. We back our findings with truthful and sensitive counselling.

5. Fetal dopplers

The imaging modality is performed during the later pregnancy months to look at fetal growth, amniotic fluid volume and fetal blood circulation. This information is used by your obstetrician for delivery planning.

6. Fetal MRI

With a team of senior radiologists, we routinely perform and interpret fetal MRI. The same has allowed us to move a step ahead in fetal care. Fetal MRI has solved the riddle in complex and cryptic cases involving brain, spine and other fetal anomalies which were not fully characterisable on ultrasonography.